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Fly with a new language

Who are we?

We would like to introduce ourselves, our names are Laura Carol and Maria Montanes. We are from Barcelona, Spain and we have lived and worked in the United States, Ireland, Switzerland, Australia and Great Britain.

We are bilingual native Spanish-speakers, who have understood how the language learning process works, thanks to our experience in living and imbuing in English speaking countries and atmospheres. We propose a new method of learning Spanish as a foreign language for children, youngsters and adults.

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What do we offer?


We offer one-to-one online Spanish lessons, as well as virtual activities and workshops, both for beginners and for higher levels.

Tailor-made stays

Furthermore, we organise tailor-made stays in Barcelona and nearby, to enable our students to immerse completely and discover our country, both culturally and language-wise.

  • Summer stays

  • Would you like to learn a new language through your hobbies?

  • Would you like to have fun and learn all about a new country?

  • Hosting

  • We select our host families

    We carefully select our host families to ensure a cosy stay for our students.

  • Guidance and support

    From the moment our students arrive until their departure, we are constantly in contact with them to provide guidance and support, to make their stay is as agreeable as possible.

Our photos


Maria & Laura are wonderful teachers, always patient, energetic and very dedicated to providing their students with the tools they need to learn and improve their Spanish. They make their classes exciting and engaging by incorporating fun exercises and by setting small challenges regularly in order for their students to build confidence in the Spanish language. Cathy (Spanish student’s mum)
The classes I took over the summer were very helpful. I settled into Spanish in school much easier and I have remained one of the best students in the class as a result.
Thank you. Daniel (Freshman student)
Maria and Laura are both fantastic teachers that are versatile in their ways of teaching and are very easy to get along with. I learned so much from them and my grades gradually improved over time in Spanish due to their help.
I would highly recommend anyone to take their classes as I personally think they would find them beneficial, the same as I did. Brandon (Leaving Certificate student)
My name is Martha Robinson and I am a college student from Dublin, Ireland. I am about to complete an eight week Spanish language course with Laura and Maria who run Fly With Your English, a language school based in Barcelona, Spain. All of my classes have been one-on-one through Zoom. The first four weeks of the course were nine hours per week and the second four weeks six hours per week, all on alternate days M/W/F with homework in between. For each class I worked with Maria for the first half, then had a half hour break and worked with Laura for the second half.
I started the course as a complete beginner in Spanish, however I currently study Italian in college and found that to be a great help in comprehension, especially as the classes were almost entirely taught through Spanish. Both Laura and Maria have excellent English if required though! Typically, each class began with a brief chat to catch-up, after which we went through the class work that had been sent to me the night before. Homework was also given after every class, which I found to be very helpful. Laura and Maria took pains to build classes around my interests such as Spanish cinema and culture, making each class interesting and varied. Maria and Laura are very kind and attentive teachers who created a warm atmosphere in the class where I felt safe to make lots of mistakes!